desc and summary

Bernd Groh bgroh at
Mon May 16 22:24:43 UTC 2005

Keld Jørn Simonsen wrote:

>Where in the cvs tree will these new modules be placed?
>Somewhere in  the specspo tree, or in their own directory?

Within specspo, most likely two sub-directories 'summary' and 'desc', as 
is currently.

>Will there be an initial language vesion generated by redhat? I assume
>that many strings can be copied from the current dist file.

That's the plan. The updates seem to work fine, though there has only 
been one change (to summary.pot) since the process went live. It might 
be good to talk about a good date for the move.

>And what are these strings used for, anyway? Which programs use them?

These are the summaries and descriptions of the packages in the 
distribution. Something you'd see if you, for example, did a `rpm -qi 

We thought we'd split summaries and descriptions, to make the files a 
little smaller, and allow to prioritize between the two.


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