Richard Allen ra at
Fri Nov 25 11:45:46 UTC 2005

Christian Rose wrote:
> On 11/25/05, Richard Allen <ra at> wrote:
>>I just discovered NetworkManager here on my laptop and what a fantastic
>>piece of software it is :)
>>When examining the rpm it came in, I see it's already translated to many
>>languages but I cant see it in the cvs anywhere.
>>So whats the correct proceedure to go through to be able to translate it to
>>Icelandic ?   I'd prefer to see it in the translation CVS if at all possible.
> As Jeremy said, it's maintained in GNOME CVS. If you want to translate
> it into Icelandic, please contact the current Icelandic coordinator in
> If you want to reactivate your GNOME CVS account, please follow the
> instructions at and
> send a public SSH key to accounts at

Ah, thanks guys.   I've been active translating RedHat and KDE to Icelandic 
in the last few years.    For some reason almost every person who's 
interested in translating joins our KDE team and Gnome get's left out.

One last thing.  When I click About in NetworkManager I get that it's (C) 
Red Hat.   Why isnt it in Red Hat's cvs like their other tools ?

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