[RFC] Existing translations and .PO files

Francesco Tombolini tombo at adamantio.net
Tue Feb 14 12:43:59 UTC 2006

Alle 12:55, lunedì 13 febbraio 2006, Tommy Reynolds ha scritto:
> Some FDP documents already have translated versions in CVS.  Under
> the new process, these archived versions will be discarded in favor
> of the on-the-fly translation using .PO files.

I think that to have .po files in the repo instead of .xml will be a good 

> Q1) Have you translators kept your .PO files that were used for these
>     translations?

the question would be: how many of you use the .po method to translate the xml 
file for the last translation?

> Q2) If .PO files are not available, is there a way to derive the .PO
>     files from the translated files or must this be a manual process?

For me, this is a manual process , copy & paste..., mechanical and not too 
difficult for little documents


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