Improving of i18n zone (as a Re: List of deprecated packages)

Renato Pavičić repavici at
Wed Jul 5 12:11:30 UTC 2006


I think that few thingies need to be fixed or updated. Beside removing  
modules from this list:

>> > As far as I know deprecated packages are:
>> >
>> > anaconda-help
>> > printconf
>> > rhn-applet
>> > system-config-mouse
>> > system-config-packages
>> > system-config-proc
>> > system-logviewer
>> > up2date
>> >
>> > I think these modules should be removed from CVS.
>> >

(thank you Piotr)

If this list is correct, this files should be removed ASAP. There are  
other teams that work hard, and (judging to my personal feelings) have a  
great pride over their work. I just saw there are three teams with 0-0  
translations. Well done guys! I hope I will join you for official release  
of FC6 :)

Some other thingies should be introduced. Mainly notification to  
translator when a module is updated with new lines. I've almost missed few  
modules over last month.

Also, few weeks back by some fluke an old version of (Croatian)  
translation was reinstated. Almost missed that one as well.

What about switching to SVN? I've been using it for KDE, and it looks to  
me that it offers better control over revisions. Bare in mind, I'm no  
expert - just a plain enduser :)

Any other suggestions?

Best regards,
Renato Pavicic

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