Documentation Translation Updates

José Nuno Coelho Sanarra Pires jncp at
Wed Jul 5 14:37:37 UTC 2006


On the past few days, I've done some updates on documentation into 'pt' 
language, concerning:

	- Release Notes (FC5 and 'devel' version - the latter, unmodified from FC5)
	- Installation Guide
	- SELinux FAQ
	- SUDO Tutorial
	- Mirror Tutorial
	- Translation Quick Start Guide
	- YUM Software Management Guide

Could anyone check if they're OK to be published? I've already spellchecked 
docs and checked for translation inconsistencies, and placed all changes on 

Best regards,
José Nuno Coelho Pires
Development Engineer
Unidade de Sistemas de Informação

Telemóvel:	 96 630 61 13
E-Mail:		 jose.pires at
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