Improving of i18n zone (as a Re: List of deprecated packages)

umesh rudrapatna urudrapatna at
Thu Jul 6 08:35:03 UTC 2006

> No problem, in fact you better thank Dimitris
> Glezos. He pulled up the  
> quiestion that brought whole discussion up, and
> Piotr "Raven" for clearing  
> it up.

Thanks to everyone who has brought up the matter and
also to those who are trying to clear it up.

> Btw (OT-personal), that's Kannada India, wright?
> Where excatelly is this  
> language spoken? Is that native name of your
> language

correct, that is Kannada India. This is the state
language of Karnataka, one among the 4 southern states
of India. This is also the native name of my language.
Perhaps these links will be interesting to you

> Sorry  
> for being ignorant :] But I'm eager to learn, and I
oh no need to be sorry about it. In fact it is a
pleasure to know that somebody is interested to know
about my language.

> And good luck with your work!
Thanks and I wish you the same too.



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