Improving of i18n zone (as a Re: List of deprecated packages)

umesh rudrapatna urudrapatna at
Thu Jul 6 08:36:25 UTC 2006

> oh, sorry, but please try to Translate "Essential"
> Module first

Thanks to all who first took up the issue of
deprecated packages and for those who gave a list of
it and also for the clarifications to Aalam.

> and I think there is no Kannada Fonts are available
> in Fedora, so, you can leave Anaconda package also, 
> if fonts are not available, then no meaning that
> Installation will be in kn_IN,

oh I guess we are headed for more work then. Being a
novice I dont want to pump the list with silly
questions. I will do a good reading of the whole stuff
and get back with questions if I have any. Aalam,
thanks for that piece of information on non available

> and Please commit your translation to Fedora, so
that > those can be build with package, if there is
any     > change in translation, you can update any

sure, we will do so henceforth.

> Umesh, please keep up your effort and we would like
> to see Kannada on support list this time:)
Thanks for the encouraging words. Hope we will be able
to put in something this time.


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