[ANN] Translatable Entities Call For Translators

Tommy Reynolds Tommy.Reynolds at MegaCoder.com
Wed Mar 1 01:32:11 UTC 2006

The infrastructure to support the I18N translation of the Fedora
DocBook entities is now ready for translators to insert the


The FDP has defined certain XML entities (&FED;) to represent
commonly-used project references.  These have been hand-coded into
separate files such as "docs-common/common/fedora-entities-en.ent"
and then explicitly included into documents using their exact

Some translations for non-English locales have been added, but these
have all been manual efforts involving more hand-coding and editing.
Before these "docs-common/common/fedora-entities-${LANG}.ent" files
could be used in a translated document, that document must have been
manually edited to reference the newly-translated locale rather than
the original one.  Again, this was a manual editing operation.

No more!  Down with manual editing!  Up with correct processes!

This announcement informs you that there is a "new world order" (NWO)
for these entities files.  From now on, adding additional I18N locale
support will use the same tools and procedures already familiar to
the translation community.  Per-locale XML and .ENT files will be
automatically derived from a baseline English XML file, a .PO file,
and the xml2po(1) program from the "gnome-doc-utils" RPM.  

Get the new resources by updating your "docs-common/common" directory
like this:

	$ cd docs-common/common
	$ cvs update entities

and then look into the resulting "entities/" directory.

The "README.txt" file contains detailed instructions for adding new
locale support to the infrastructure.

If your locale is already in place, please add the appropriate
translations according to the "entities.pot" and "${LANG}.po" files.

After editing the "${LANG}.po" file, a simple:

	$ make

command should do everything needed to generate the
"entities-${LANG}.ent" file.  The command:

	$ make help

will show the available make(1) targets.  Note that adding a new
locale to the ${OTHERS} Makefile macro will automatically add all the
necessary Makefile targets for your locale.

Note to document authors: you can look at the "example-tutorial" to
see how this will affect you, but please do NOT switch to these new
entities files until I make a specific [ANN]ouncement in a few days.


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