Where to bugreport missing messages in summary/desc

Bernd Groh bgroh at redhat.com
Fri Mar 31 22:12:52 UTC 2006

Göran Uddeborg wrote:

>The summary and description of "mlocate" is missing from the po files
>in desc and summary.  Who is to blame here?  Should I bugzilla the
>mlocate component or the specspo component?

Neither. I guess we should simply restart the discussion about who 
should take care of the msgmerge. Looking at the master catalogues and 
the pot files, mlocate summary and description are in there, and are 
also in a lot of po files. Back when we discussed the issue, we, as far 
as I remember, didn't reach a conclusion on the issue. What seemed to 
apply though was a) a lot of translation maintainers are doing their own 
msgmerge, and b) to msgmerge a file as large as specspo across the 
board, automatically, is prone to causing conflicts.


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