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Chester Cheng chester.cheng at
Fri Nov 24 02:11:48 UTC 2006

Noriko Mizumoto 提到:

> Hello~
>> - The status page [1] are useful to know what has been translated, but
>> useless to know what has been read over.
>> - People do not use the reservation system "take" button and if they do,
>> they don't update they reservation.
> Aman and Chester: PING!
> I thought that people can not commit without clicking "take" button. 
> Can you take a look?

I thought so, too. Sorry I can't check. I have more rights then ordinary 
Aman? Do you konw?

>> What I'm planning to do : take every po file, and read over them until
>> FC7 comes out. This is the only way I found to avoid bad translation in
>> Fedora.
> Howabout being the maintainer, so that the mail will be sent to you if 
> someone translated the file.
> cheers
> noriko
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