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Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Mon Nov 27 00:05:00 UTC 2006

Lauri Nurmi wrote:
> pe, 2006-11-24 kello 10:07 +1000, Noriko Mizumoto kirjoitti:
>>Thomas Canniot wrote:
>>>- People do not use the reservation system "take" button and if they do,
>>>they don't update they reservation.
>>Aman and Chester: PING!
>>I thought that people can not commit without clicking "take" button. Can 
>>you take a look?
> Just in case everyone has forgotten the old discussions on this list
> back in 2004; enforcing the "Take" button functionality was critisized a
> lot by many translators.

Oh yes, I remember now. I am not going to make an objection, nor enforce 
anything. To me the status page is useful, and I actually am using 
"Take" button. So that others can see. I don't like to see 
anyone/anything being criticized.

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