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Sat Oct 7 17:00:01 UTC 2006

Several people have asked about getting partial translations or late 
translations in to the fedora-release-notes package. While I appreciate 
the effort that many people have put forth the facts are as follows. I 
set the standard at 90% or better to be included in the release notes 
package. I am of the opinion that an incomplete translation is not 
acceptable. While it would be nice to include everyone's attempt we have 
to draw the line some where. Is one line enough? I think we all agree 
that it is not. Is 50% enough? I personally do not think so. We are 
trying to have a professional looking finished product, for this at 
times I think even 90% is a bit to low.

What can we do better?
     More translators.
         If you need more help with your language please email me and 
let me know, I will make some personal appeals to members of the Fedora 
community and the ambassadors project to get you help. Some of these 
people may not have any translation experience but it will be a chance 
for you to mentor someone and get some help at the same time.

     More time for translation.
         It is our intent to allow for 10 days from the freeze to the 
need for translations for FC7. This will give the translation team an 
additional 3 days over what they have had in the past. Why? Because 
getting our release notes in every language is my personal goal. Yes 71 
languages. I would like to reach one half way to this goal by FC10.

Other options?
     The release notes are now part of a standalone package called 
"fedora-release-notes" one of the main advantages is that we can push 
out updates through out the life of a release. So while your translation 
will not be on the ISO it can go out as part of an update post release 
as I understand it. Also we have what we call the "web only" errata of 
the release notes, this in the past has had all of the last minute 
additions to the release-notes and also the translations that have come 
in late.

While we have rebuilt our package "fedora-release-notes" to remove the 
de translation that was included in error my understanding is we should 
not be adding anything to it at this time even with the release delay. I 
will verify this for clarification. If the situation of adding things to 
the package will be allowed I am sorry but the 90% rule must stay. I am 
sure that if we can get a substantial number of translations for 
inclusion in the ISO we will have a better chance of getting them added.

Thank you for voicing your opinion and asking "why?" Your work and input 
in the process is valuable to us. I wish the situation were different.


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