[Announcement] Fedora Weekly News Issue 100 in Czech language

Bukovansky Richard richard.bukovansky at atlas.cz
Sun Aug 26 08:21:09 UTC 2007

Oisin Feeley wrote:
> Well done ... but no "Developments" section?  :(

Unfortunatelly yes, but it has two reasons:
1. I'm not so technically good in Linux technologies, just user, so I
will probably translate something wrong way...
2. The CZ translation team thinks, if anybody is into development,
he/she understands English well, so can read Development beats in English.

But if I find somebody who is able to transtlate Dev beats to Czech and
is good in Linux technology also, then we will have them translated also.

Yuan Yijun wrote:
> Congratulations. Why not translate it on fedoraproject.org wiki? For
> example, we have http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/zh_CN/FWN/Issue100 . 

Because I was not able to find how to do that, but that's probably
because I'm greenhorn... ;)
And thanks for lead how to do that... :)

> Also we don't translate contents other than titles, so all translations
> could be finished in one hour. (yes, I assume the target reader can read
> English.)

I do. We target normal Czech user of Fedora...

Thank you both for kind words and comments.

Bukovansky Richard
richard.bukovansky at atlas.cz

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