system-config-rootpassword in transifex

Francesco Tombolini tombo at
Sun Dec 23 07:52:58 UTC 2007

Francesco Tombolini ha scritto:
> Lubomir Kundrak ha scritto:
>> Hi translators,
>> This is just to let you know that PO-s in the Subversion repository of
>> system-config-rootpassword are available for translation via Transifex
>> (thanks Dimitris).
>> If you're just spending the boring holidays with your families and don't
>> have anything interesting to do, the system-config-rootpassword being
>> short and largely unfinished can help you spend your otherwise useless
>> time :)
>> Thanks, and happy holidays!
> I admit that I have some little problems with the new translation 
> system (it is more simple for someone, but is more complex for me than 
> a single cvs repo), and I'm not always updated about all threads in 
> this list... but following the example in TQSG I cant submit the changes.
> Can anyone explain me how to submit the changes? I feel discouraged to 
> work with a system that constrain me to download .po from web, work 
> whithout the history and logging features of cvs and submit the result 
> to someone by mail or other method to commit...
> And, by the way,  why for all language there is a warning like "Don't 
> know where to look..."?
> Thankyou
I reply to myself... actually in TQSG the submit link redirect visitor 
to but the submit 
link to this module I have discovered is

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