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Sun Dec 23 12:52:38 UTC 2007

On 12/23/07, Francesco Tombolini <tombo at> wrote:
> > I admit that I have some little problems with the new translation
> > system (it is more simple for someone, but is more complex for me than
> > a single cvs repo), and I'm not always updated about all threads in
> > this list... but following the example in TQSG I cant submit the changes.

The new system is definitely more complex than the old one. :-) But I
guess we had no choice since modules are being added/moved on
different VCSs. I'm trying my best to make it as simple as possible,
and easy-of-use is a common theme of all the steps in the Roadmap we
are considering.

We took the initiative to move stuff on community (Fedora) servers, so
we (the community) need to make sure it's running properly. The Fedora
Infrastructure team is handling the low-level bits, so if there's any
problem with the deployment (it's down or commit doesn't work for a
module) *PLEASE* let people know by dropping a note on IRC
#fedora-admin or open a ticket.

As far as the statistics are concerned, anyone from cvsl10n can update
the configuration files over at cvs.fpo/flpweb/ (l10n repo).

> > Can anyone explain me how to submit the changes? I feel discouraged to
> > work with a system that constrain me to download .po from web, work
> > whithout the history and logging features of cvs and submit the result
> > to someone by mail or other method to commit...

FWIW, anonymous checkout is enabled for all modules, so one could use
the command-line for monitoring the progress of a module, like before
(kind of), and just use Tx to commit. Ideally, we should implement a
client-side CLI to Tx that duplicates all the functionality of the
website and abstracts the VCS. Even if it's just read-only to do stuff
like `tx list modules`, `tx checkout anaconda pt_BR`, `tx checkout
all` and `tx submit`.

Until then, *every* module not hosted on cvs.fpo should work on
translate.fpo/submit/. At some point we should have automated scripts
to make sure everything works. Until then, please raise an alert if
something's borked.

> > And, by the way,  why for all language there is a warning like "Don't
> > know where to look..."?

This is because Damned Lies (the statistics SW) assumes all modules
use intltool for the creation of the POT, since this is what all
modules in GNOME use. The solution needs some coding (abstract the
string extraction process and choose in the fedora-modules.xml which
method should be used for each module) from our (Fedora's) part.
Patches warmly welcome!

> I reply to myself... actually in TQSG the submit link redirect visitor
> to but the submit
> link to this module I have discovered is

publictest5 is a test server -- our production (and maintained)
instance is on translate.fpo. I think Noriko updated the English
version of the TQSG in CVS to point to transate.fpo/submit:

Working file: en_US/Translating_Software.xml
revision 1.5
The url of has
been replaced with

I guess this update didn't make it to docs.fpo yet. A quick note on
-docs-list should do the job.

I'm confident all the issues will be resolved in time. We're still
learning the tricks and quirks of each tool. Just now I realized that
when we change the repo of a HG or GIT module in Damned Lies, we have
to delete it's cache, otherwise it's still trying to pull from the old
repo. Just fixed setroubleshoot not updating properly. :-)


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