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Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Tue Jul 3 05:35:44 UTC 2007

Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
> Welcome Peter!
> peter at wrote:
>> Hi together,
>> my name is Peter Reuschlein, i just joined the fedora translation 
>> project some days ago and currently reading through the manuals.
> Please be aware that the content of translation-quick-start-guide will 
> be changing due to the repository move.

Umm... this is not enough nice welcome, I am sorry.
Let me do it again, I am going to update the content according to the 
move. You will be updated on this list for the move and/or any news, 
events, surprise to be happened. And you are the one to make these 
happened as well. Welcome gain!!

> noriko
>> My goal is to help the German translation team where ever possible for 
>> me.
>> A more detailed bio can be found on the wiki ;)
>> so far
>> regards
>> Peter
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