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Wed Jul 11 18:12:01 UTC 2007

O/H Alain PORTAL έγραψε:
>> The full stats of the module can be viewed at [1]. If any team would like
>> to have its language name in the announcement, please submit your
>> translations in the following days.
>>   [1]:
> Where can we get the po files for the web site?


take a look at this past email to the list:

Maybe it would be a good idea to add in the module list a field that explains
where to get the PO files of the module or something.

> I get a problem when I'm browsing with konqueror: 
> I get pages in spanish (or portuguese, I don't know ;-)), not in english.
> Perhaps it would be a good idea to put link to every avaliable language.

That's because your browser is configured to give to these languages a higher
priority than english. Can you please open a bug report so that we don't forget

If someone feels like hacking the code, feel free to submit a patch. There are
some examples, especially in index page where the software checks if the
selected language has translator-credits.


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