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Dimitris Glezos dimitris at
Sat Jul 21 11:28:03 UTC 2007

O/H Igor Pires Soares έγραψε:
> I suspected the modules were moved to, but I thought
> they would have kind a copy in while the migration is
> not totally finished, in order to we continue the translation how it
> was.
> Anyway, I think it is a good solution to upload them to
> Otherwise we will have to translate the files and
> keep them on our machines until transifex is ready, because it is not
> viable to contact the maintainers to actually commit every translation,
> not for the them and not for us.

The reason the move was done early was that we wanted to make it early enough in
the release cycle of Fedora 8 (before test1), to give maintainers the time
needed to resolve problems.

As far as transifex is concerned, the coding of the security layer could take
from 2 days to 7. Let's hope that we'll have it before July 31; I'll be away for
10 days then. I should notice that transifex is *still* considered an experiment
and could be decided not to use it. But the truth is that everything shows that
we'll be OK using it, at least internally for Fedora only.

Temporarily hosting PO files on cvs.fpo is a solution. Someone will need to
contact the maintainers though and let them now, actually commit the files and
update a wiki page about it, and letting Infra know about it so that they'll
tweak ACLs to allow maintainers to write on our repo.


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