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Dimitris Glezos dimitris at
Tue Jun 19 20:35:35 UTC 2007

The Infra group is in the process of deploying our website on non-testing Fedora
servers and they are asking us about our domain name. So we have two choices:


The first one is more precise, because we are not only doing translations but
work on the whole spectrum of making Fedora more reachable in local communities.
Also, it is in line with GNOME, KDE, and other projects.

The problem with it is that people don't know what L10n is (let alone that some
read it as 110). Even experienced programmers don't know its difference with
i18n (last week I answered at least 4 such questions). The difference is neither
important nor precisely distinguishable, especially in Fedora. Most people I've
talked with agree to use 2 and keep the technical details on our wiki pages.

So, if there are no objections, I'll give Infra the green light. :)


Dimitris Glezos
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loses both and deserves neither." (Anonymous)

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