Self-introduction / Gauthier Ancelin

Gauthier Ancelin gauthier.ancelin at
Wed Apr 2 20:54:14 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I should have introduced myself a looong time ago ;-). I translate for the 
french team for about ten month now. Please forgive me, I'm a little bit 

In a few words: my name's Gauthier, I'm 40. I'm a software engineer for a 
small company, working on real time embedded applications (Doors, UML, C, 
Ada, Sparc, 1553, Afdx are some of my favorite keywords). I live in eastern 
France, near the german border.

I use Fedora since FC5... And probably as many people here, I wish I had more 
time to translate (among other things)!

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