Self-Introduction: Damir Zubovic

Damir Zubović dzubovic at
Thu Apr 3 14:34:44 UTC 2008

# My name is Damir Zubovic
# I am located in Aleksandrovac near Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
# Working as CIO in BataGroup Citroen DS oldtimer restauration garage
# I am Fedora Ambassador for Bosnia and Herzegovina and I will be new Coordinator for Bosnian (bs) language

    * I like to do everything related to web and web tehnology (flash, flex etc)

# Historical qualifications

    * In the past i be part of translate team for SWSoft Plesk 
    * I have advanced computer skills and not so good as I wan't to be linux skills
    * I wish to be involved in Fedora website project.

I am open to ANY kind of cooperation, team work that will be helpfull for Fedora project.

Damir Zubovic
dzubovic at

msn: dzubovic at
gtalk: dzubovic at
icq: 5948365
mirc: #fedora-l10n on freenode (as dzubovicbh)

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