Reminder: Translation deadline for Fedora 9 is in 2 days (7/4)

Dapid Candra dapidc at
Mon Apr 7 02:42:52 UTC 2008

Hi All,

I am wondering if my language (id) will be included in Fedora 9
release. Seems that all module is ignoring the language, and the
maintainers also. Why should we do this great effort then?

Recently I got mails from Wade, in those so many emails he sent, none
is for id. I check the, and
surprise that even hi_IN, language with no name and only 6%
translated, got listed.

What's wrong with language id? Almost every module listed id as 'not
in LINGUAS file' even though I contact the maintainer directly. Seems
that you are ignoring us.

What action item did I missed? What should I do to include Indonesian
(id) to Fedora 9 release?

Thank you,

Dapid Candra

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