TranslationQuickStartGuide - Chapter 2 Accounts and Subscription

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Wed Apr 16 00:06:51 UTC 2008


As I may not make a clear statement before regarding TQSG but assumed
that we all understand same level. So here is what is happening just in
case for whom not aware of.

Thanks to many of you who have filed bugs, since new FAS2 introduced, we
have identified that the above chapter contains old information which
are no longer relevant (e.g. submitting SSH key & GPG key ID, creating
new Fedora account, signing CLA, joining cvsl10n group etc.). Currently
the guide is under reviewing and soon it will be updated (looking at
same timing of FC9 final).

For existing translators, only you have to do is to change your password
as you have automatically been transfered, AFAIK.

Any question, feel free to drop by #fedora-l10n channel.


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