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Jens Petersen petersen at
Sun Apr 20 23:26:48 UTC 2008

Nicolas Mailhot さんは書きました:
> 3. fonts-japanese is probably not 100% necessary when VLGothic is
> available

Right.  It is only pulled in by @japanese-support, but should be 
installed for Japanese installs I think.

> 4. drop culmus — DejaVu full includes Hebrew no one complained of during
> the F9 cycle, so no need to keep a separate Hebrew font on a
> space-constrained media

Ditto for @hebrew-support.

> 5. Have the Arabic l10n group choose between kacst and paktype

Hmm they are currently both default in the @fonts group.

> 6. Have the Indic l10n group sort the huge number of indic fonts,
> keeping only one package per script (sarai, lohit, smc, samyak)

The Indic fonts are pretty small.  I think mostly Lohit is preferred, 
except for Malayalam (smc, which is not yet in comps).  Again sarai and 
samyak are optional in @fonts.

> 7. Have the Chinese l10n group choose between cjkunifonts-uming and
> cjkunifonts-ukai

We already have this in @fonts, and should not make this choice for 

> 8. add dejavu-fonts-experimental — you *really* want the distro default
> fonts to have a complete face set, a lot of users will notice and
> complain otherwise

Agreed.  This is also already default in @fonts.

> I'm afraid most wins are in 3. 5. 6. & 7., and they depend on l10n
> groups telling us their wishes, which unfortunately has not happened a
> lot so far.
> remains terribly incomplete.

So basically just following the current defaults in @fonts will give you 
nearly everything you want already.  And that is my suggestion: use 
@fonts for this, not the language support groups which should be 
considered optional.


Jens Petersen
I18n Engineering, Team Lead
Red Hat

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