Transifex and Damn Lies

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Thu Aug 28 01:51:17 UTC 2008

Michael Hideo-Smith さんは書きました:
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>> Subject: Transifex and Damn Lies
>> Hi translators!
>> We have been experiencing some maintenance on TX and DL.
>> No need to mention as everyone knows, tremendous effort is on it's
>> way.
>> The question may come up in mind, 'then what to do? I can't
>> contribute
>> till then?' The answer is 'yes, you can.'
>> If you encounter any error in TX, please submit your translated file
>> via
>> bugzilla just like filing a bug.
> So plan B is to submit PO files to Bugzilla's for developers to integrate? Please confirm. - Mike

Yes, in case now and then the error occurs due to **known** issue, 
submitting PO files to Bugzilla should work.


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