Remove specspo statistics?

Igor Pires Soares igorsoares at
Tue Mar 18 03:43:30 UTC 2008

Em Ter, 2008-03-18 às 07:59 +0530, Felix I escreveu:
> > This module is really huge, but IMHO the statistics should stay there.
> > The lack of translations is more visible with desc, because summary is
> > translatable. It will take a while but can be translated in cooperation.
> >   
> Here size doesn't matter. Everything is translatable only. Here am
> completely agree with Ankit.
> Plz tell me whether this module is useful to "End User" or not? 
> If it is not useful then why I have to put my effort into it.

I think it is useful. Specially when users search for a functionality or
a characteristic. In general they expect to see it on their languages.

I am sure that specspo is not a priority for most teams, but even so it
is important to have at least the most important strings translated, in
my opinion.

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