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> Hi everybody,
> I'm from Haifa, Israel. A long time programmer, instructor and consultant
> in Unix/Linux systems and haven't contributed much so far (shame on me).
> My current goal is to advance the Hebrew translation of Fedora.
> Since there are active upstream teams for both KDE (my personal
> desktop) and GNOME and both desktops have pretty good BiDi support
> and reasonable translation state.
> [Note: BiDi == Bidirectional: Hebrew, like Arabic, Farsi and other
>       similar languages is written right-to-left]
> However, there is no Hebrew support at all during installation!
> Being late to the F9 game, I've started with the quickest
> candidate and translated the comps module. Next week, when no more
> commits to code are possible, I'll try to put some time into F9 relnotes
> and announcements so we have at least something visible for F9.
> My longer goal for Fedora (F10?) is to add Hebrew support to anaconda.
> Together with the comps file it will enable complete localized
> installation and will lower the barrier to entry in my country.
> This will probably require adding BiDi support to anaconda.
> While I'm not a pythonist it may be a good chance to start playing
> a bit with this language (I had enough of C/C++/Java/Perl/sh)
> Two years ago I've added BiDi support (and some Hebrew translation)
> to the wesnoth game upstream. This was done via the fribidi library
> maintained by Behdad Esfahbod and was pretty easy (wesnoth code is
> organized very well)
> Hmmm... I haven't seen other BiDi languages use this and add their
> translations to this popular game...  Arabic? Farsi? hint, hint...
> If nobody wants to be the Hebrew team maintainer, I'm willing to do it.
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> Good night everybody,
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> it, then by definition you're not smart enough to debug it."
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