Fwd: transifex and PackageKit

Thomas Spura spurath at students.uni-mainz.de
Wed Oct 15 01:32:46 UTC 2008

> On Mon, 2008-10-13 at 23:23 +0200, Thomas Spura wrote:
> > I submitted a translation for packagekit a week ago (or so), but on
> > packagekit-repo is the old file for downloading. The submit goes to
> > freedesktop and I've read, there should a sync between these two
> > repos, which seems to fail…
> Which file did you submit? I tend to sync the repos every day...
> Richard.

It was the de.po file, but now the translation seems to be there…
This was the commit:

Seems, that since your 'trivial: refresh translations' commit anything
is ok again.

Unfortunately another problem is new:
On https://translate.fedoraproject.org/module/packagekit
there are several missing files
      * data/packagekit-package-list.xml.in
      * data/packagekit-servicepack.xml.in
      * data/packagekit-pack.xml.in


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