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Wed Oct 15 08:18:14 UTC 2008


2008/10/15 Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel <ankit at>:
> Xavier Conde Rueda wrote:
>> Hi,
>> a Catalan user just told me that Catalan was not selectable for
>> installing by using F10-Beta. I'm investigating it, however could you
>> explain us which languages are included in Beta/Final releases, and
>> which is the criteria followed?
>> Thanks in advance!
> To get your language in the list of selection during installation, one must
> complete the "Anaconda", "Comps" translations. In the earlier releases of
> Fedora there used to be "Essential" category, which had Anaconda, Comps,
> Initscripts, Firstboot and redhat-menus modules. So, that was the criteria
> used for having a language supported (as in available localization) in
> earlier releases, which is not there now. So, certainly we need to fix this.

How much "completed" must they be?

> So, let's fix the "Language Inclusion Criteria with respect to
> Localization".
> Xavier, in case of catalan, I think you got to file a bug against anaconda,
> which may give you the clear answer.
> --

Thank you, I'll do that. Besides installation, my concern was about
whether the packages would include catalan too. Package maintainers
would include all languages, or only languages about 80 % (for

Thanks in advance!
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