String freeze break on anaconda

Dimitris Glezos dimitris at
Wed Oct 15 12:21:04 UTC 2008

(CCing the Fedora Translation group and the Anaconda team)

Hi Chris,

As reflected on the Schedule and announced on fedora-devel-list, Fedora is in
string freeze phase as of 2008-09-11. It seems your project's translation
statistics has changed while in string freeze. An example of a changed string
is "Hostname:", which was introduced in this commit of yours:;a=commit;h=ceab9f3c75df694ae6d7d2721c970bba8c359c61

Can you please confirm that this is indeed the case or if it's a false alarm?

We've got a string freeze policy which explains what should be done if a
packager would like to break the freeze:

If this is indeed a string freeze break, the translators would like to ask
to follow the protocol for string freezes. It will help us prevent breaks
from happening often and help translators work efficiently and without
surprises. For more information, please refer to the policy and our
Freeze FAQ:

Please send an email to fedora-trans-list explaining the surprise,
which will hopefully help folks understand the action, and decide
together with the L10n Steering Committee if the changes are
important enough to break the freeze or not.



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