Access to new git repos

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Fri Oct 17 05:44:05 UTC 2008

Paul W. Frields さんは書きました:
> If you are translating content for the Release Notes or Installation
> Guide that have been relocated to Fedora Hosted, you do *not* need to
> join any additional Fedora Account System groups.  You can submit PO
> files through Transifex as needed.  If you prefer to check out the
> content manually and provide PO files through Transifex, you can do an
> anonymous checkout of a repository with this command:
> git clone git://

I might be bit behind, though I tried to obtain PO file for 
release-notes and start working, and found no change in PO file.
Did I miss something?

git clone git://
[noriko at noriko git]$ ls
[noriko at noriko git]$ msgfmt -cvo /dev/null release-notes/po/ja.po
812 translated messages.


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