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Wed Oct 22 03:07:45 UTC 2008

There is a bug in the xml2po program from gnome-doc-utils, as found in
Fedora 9 and earlier (including RHEL 5).  It prevents us from using
non-ASCII characters in parsed character data in DocBook, such as
people's names in the Colophon.  If we use non-ASCII, we cannot properly
validate the DocBook XML content.

There are several ways to solve this.  One of the easier solutions is to
no longer include the colophon in the actual release notes, but link to
it from the document.  However, this has the side effect of removing a
public thank-you to our wonderful translators and documentation

What we've done instead is to comment out these names, *only* until we
work on the final release notes for GA.  At that point we will uncomment
the strings.  They will end up as "untranslated," but I (or someone in
Docs) will try to make the appropriate PO changes to copy them as
needed.  When we build the release notes, we will do it in Rawhide,
where xml2po is fixed.  The names will then show up properly in the
rendered Colophon section.

This problem will recur in earlier releases, though, until and unless
someone asks the gnome-doc-utils maintainers to backport the fix (if
possible) to gnome-doc-utils in RHEL 5 and Fedora 9.

Paul W. Frields
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