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thannks for the info. Older DL used to have the bugzilla info in the
project page, do you know if Tx will support this vital info?

2009/4/3 Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel <ankit at>:
> I guess all of you might have already noticed a new category/collection
> called "Virtualization Software" here:
> .
> All packages (except libvirt) under this collection are not submittable via
> Transifex, because the upstream repos for those packages are hosted outside
> Fedora infrastructure and some permission issues.
> So, if you remember in the previous Fedora release also, we have filed bugs
> to get our translations accepted for these packages. Same thing we are going
> to do for this release as well. Bugzilla info has been added into the
> description of the each package under Tx, so even if you don't read this
> e-mail, you can find the Bug links from Tx submission page itself. Thanks to
> Asgeir. :)
> You can submit your translations through following bugzillas:
> * virt-manager:
> * virt-ctrl:
> * virt-df:
> * virt-mem:
> * virt-top:
> For two of the "Virtualization Software" packages (virt-p2v and virt-inst),
> I couldn't find bugzilla component. So, I will check with package
> maintainers of these packages & let you know, when I find a solution to
> that.
> Thanks!
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> Regards,
> Ankit Patel
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