Some "bugs" in portuguese translation

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Sat Apr 4 20:25:57 UTC 2009

Hi João Diogo,

Sorry for the delay in the response.

João Diogo escreveu:
>>> In some portuguese po files (mainly on setroubleshoot tip-plugins), many
>>> fuzzy translations doesn't seem to match the original texts.
>>> Also, in some cases, again in fuzzy translations, "$SOURCE" is changed
>>> to "$SOURCE_PATH".
>>> Should I correct these?
First. In any PO file you have 3 numbers: . The translated strings, the
fuzzy strings and the untranslated strings.

The first and third are self-explanatory. The fuzzy strings are special.
Assume they don't count. They appear when some software automatically
tries to translate the untranslated strings. For example, the poedit
with the built in Memory Translation feature. So, if the software thinks
it has a match, it adds it to the file, BUT, and this is important, it's
marks the string as fuzzy, read "Can't be trusted"! You have to manually
verify each one. Most of the times you have to adjust the "suggested"
translation ;)

Finally, regarding your question. You are right. Changed it. For
exemple, the string:

  87 #: ../src/
  88 msgid ""
  89 "\n"
  90 "    SELinux prevented $SOURCE from writing $TARGET_PATH.\n"
  91 "    "
  92 msgstr ""
  93 "\n"
  94 "    O SELinux impediu o $SOURCE_PATH de escrever em $TARGET_PATH.\n"
  95 "    "

is wrong. The original string rules. The translation should be:

  93 "\n"
  94 "    O SELinux impediu o $SOURCE de escrever em $TARGET_PATH.\n"
  95 "    "

Hope this helps.

BTW. It's easy for me to explain this in Portuguese. (And the other guys
shouldn't be bothered with this Portuguese coaching.) ;) . So, if you
have more doubts (and, we all have), you can use my IM
(rui.gouveia at

Keep up the good work.

Rui Gouveia

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