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Thu Apr 9 11:41:25 UTC 2009


2009/4/9 Rui Gouveia <rui.gouveia at>

> Diego Búrigo Zacarão wrote:
> > I just did a hot fix on the server and it should work properly now.
> Hi,
> I found my error. I can now submit the 'po/LINGUAS' file in Tx. And I
> did it.
> I checked the web git interface [1]. The LINGUAS file is Ok. The PO file
> is Ok, But the stats in Tx report 0%. :(

Yup, It's true and it's correct.
You have committed by mistake a pt.po file that is not from that project.

You committed here:
a pt.po file from here:

That's why it's 0% translated. Tx does a merge with the POT and there is no
strings that matches with the (wrong) file.


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