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Rui Gouveia rui.gouveia at globaltek.pt
Sat Apr 11 18:12:16 UTC 2009


Paul W. Frields escreveu:
> On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 05:40:04PM +0200, Piotr Drąg wrote:
>> Paul W. Frields pisze:
>>> Just bumping this message up so translators can see it -- I've seen a
>>> number of commits coming in from Transifex, but not as many as usual.
>> One reason could be that release notes are more difficult to translate
>> from release to release. Now it's less "what's new and what's really
>> important", and more "describe *every* new or updated package, even if
>> it's used only by small group of people". So we have more and more
>> strings, using words almost impossible to understand by regular
>> translators (what the hell is "flattening the netlist" or "drill
>> handling" and why the typical user should care?). And there are much
>> more of that kind, even more cryptic to us. Do we *really* need this? Is
>> the big AmateurRadio section read by anyone else then radio amateurs?
>> With all the respect, I don't think they are significant part of our
>> community.
>> Smaller release notes containing only information for majority of users
>> would be easier to translate and understand (also for native English
>> users!), resulting in wider audience. It would be also easier to
>> collaborate and maintain release notes.
> I tend to agree with you, Piotr.  I think that SIG pages on the wiki
> are more appropriate for explanations of esoteric packages, and that
> the release notes should feature information that is going to be
> important (1) to general users, and (2) for migrating from one release
> to another.  So for example, warning people of an important change in
> a database that requires action on their part is appropriate, while
> saying "we now have package X" is not.  That's my opinion, at least.
> The people who are editing release notes need to be aware of the needs
> of translators, and make sure that the English used in the release
> notes is simple enough to be understood by all readers, and translated
> by all translators.
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