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Susan Lauber laubersm at
Wed Apr 15 13:39:38 UTC 2009


Can someone please take a look at an errors in the de.po file - line 3968

#. Tag: para
#: Kernel.xml:145
#, no-c-format
msgid "Fedora 11 does not include the <package>kernel-source</package>
package provided by older versions since only the
<package>kernel-devel</package> package is required now to build
external modules."
msgstr "Fedora 11 enthält keine <package>kernel-source</package>, die
bei älteren Version geliefert wurden. Stattdessen werden nur die
<package>kernel-devel</package> zum Bauen externer Module benötigt,
wie bereits im Abschnitt <xref linkend=\"sn-Kernel_Flavors\"/>

PROBLEM:  The <xref linkend=\"sn-Kernel_Flavors\"/> needs to be
removed. It is trying to link to a section that does not exist. xref
would normally substitute the section name so I believe that the
sentence will need some rewritting.

The other error I already commented out - It looks like it was a
mistaken paste but you may want to review it as well.  If they belong
let me know and I will add the XML markup for email addresses.
[[de.po line 2886]]

#. Tag: term
#: Devel-Tools.xml:1329
#, no-c-format
msgid "translate-toolkit"
msgstr ""
# These appear to have been a mistaken paste - if they belong here, they must be
# marked up correctly in order to build without error
# "Fabian Affolter <fab at>, 2007,2008,2009.\n"
# "Lukas Brausch <gromobir at>, 2007.\n"
# "Severin Heiniger <severinheiniger at>, 2007.\n"
# "Kai Werthwein <kai.werthwein at>, 2007.\n"
# "Peter Reuschlein <peter at>, 2007.\n"
# "Dominik Sandjaja <dominiksandjaja at>, 2008, 2009.\n"
# "Timo Trinks <ttrinks at>, 2008.\n"
# "Daniela Kugelmann <dkugelma at >, 2008."

Thank you,

Susan Lauber, (RHCX, RHCA, RHCSS)
Lauber System Solutions, Inc.
gpg: 15AC F794 A3D9 64D1 D9CE  4C26 EFC3 11C2 BFA1 0974

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