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Wed Apr 15 14:36:50 UTC 2009

Hi Noriko

Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
> Sveinn í Felli (IMAP) さんは書きました:
>> Full legal name: Sveinn Helgi Sverrisson
>> Alias (surname): Sveinn í Felli
>>   * City, Country: Akureyri, Iceland
>>   * FAS username: sveinki
>>   * Language to translate: Icelandic
>>   * Interests: GUI, usability, mobility, graphics (2D/3D)
>>   *
>>   * Level of computer skills: Ex-sysadmin in a small company
>> (Win2k+RH8), a GUI-guy with CLI-disabilities,
>> (vector/raster) graphics is my karma ;-)
>> I joined some time ago, but forgot to send in an
>> introduction. I already have been sponsored for necessary
>> groups.
> Thank you for your introduction!
>> So far I've only concentrated on translating basic Fedora
>> files through Transifex, I have contributed and coordinated
>> translation efforts in various projects, mostly KDE but also
>> LP/Ubuntu, Gnome and Translationproject.
>> Much of my work has been around proofreading and making
>> translations a bit more homogeneous/unified, using the same
>> vocabulary sets in Gnome and KDE. For that kind of work it's
> Wow, awesome.
>> quite evident that web interfaces like Launchpad are totally
>> inadequate; SVN access permits to search for certain terms
>> through a bunch of .po files at once. I use mostly Kbabel
>> and its translation memory.
>> After 8 years on various linuxes using open source software
>> and trying to get other people to use such software, I
>> sometimes give lectures on OSS and occasionally give
>> companies/institutions advice on how to manage transition
>> towards open software (biased towards the user experience).
>> I can't say the demand has been overflowing in the past, but
>> these days it seems more people are starting to think about
>> such matters.
> Indeed, localization must be one of the key aspect to motivate transition.
> It is easy to imagine that if no option available for an user's choice
> of language then the user likely drop the interest, or that if
> translation quality and/or consistency are poor then user can be confused.
> Btw, no one on the list of 'L10N/GroupSponsors' [1] from Icelandic team.
> Would you and/or your team coordinator like to be upgraded and sponsor
> new comer for your team?
> [1]:

Finally got in contact with Richard Allen (FAS: RichardAllen
and/or Ra ?) which is registered team coordinator for
Icelandic. As he's a bit out of the game now, I think it's
best if I take on the role of sponsoring new translators.

Best regards,
Sveinn í Felli
> noriko
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