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Adam Pribyl pribyl at
Sat Apr 18 21:56:48 UTC 2009

On Thu, 16 Apr 2009, David Zeuthen wrote:

> Hey,
> - src/gdu/gdu-util.c
>   All the various MS-DOS partition types (and there is a lot of these)
>   are marked for translation. For example
>   - Hidden FAT16 <32M (0x14)
>   - PartitionMagic (0x3c)
>   Maybe we don't really want this, I mean these are more names than
>   anything so maybe we it shouldn't be marked for translation. Or
>   maybe translators can just decide not to translate it. Maybe I
>   can just add Translator: comments for that. Thoughts?

Just how many of them contain some words that may improve the 
understanding of what kind of FS it is? If there is not many, and most of 
them will remain untranslated anyway, then remove them from translation 
strings, othewise put a comment and leave it on translator.

> Thanks for any insights.
>     David

Adam Pribyl

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