Need correction to Oryia or.po file.

Susan Lauber laubersm at
Tue Apr 21 19:16:27 UTC 2009

Greetings to those working on the or.po file.

Please review the following section (line 5522) and remove the <xref
... > portion.
xref attempts to link to another section id and substitute the name of
that section.
The sn-Kernel_flavors tag no longer exists.

#. Tag: para
#: Kernel.xml:145
#, no-c-format
msgid ""
"Fedora 11 does not include the <package>kernel-source</package> package "
"provided by older versions since only the <package>kernel-devel</package> "
"package is required now to build external modules."
msgstr ""
"Fedora 11 ରେ ପୂର୍ବ ସଂସ୍କରଣରୁ ମିଳିଥିବା
<package>kernel-source</package> ପ୍ୟାକେଜ "
"ଅନ୍ତର୍ଭୁକ୍ତ ନାହିଁ। ବାହ୍ୟ ଏକକାଂଶ ନିର୍ମାଣ ପାଇଁ ବର୍ତ୍ତମାନ କେବଳ
"package> ପ୍ୟାକେଜ ଉପଲବ୍ଧ। <xref linkend=\"sn-Kernel_flavors\"/>ରେ ବ୍ୟାଖ୍ୟା "
"କରାଯାଇଥିବା ପରି, ବିନ୍ୟାସିତ ଉତ୍ସଗୁଡ଼ିକ ଉପଲବ୍ଧ।"

Thank you for all the good work on translations!

-Susan (Fedora Docs team)

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