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Tue Apr 28 12:21:13 UTC 2009

On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 01:08:33AM -0300, Domingo Becker wrote:
> The maintenance work of the list is too much work for the editors. I
> would prefer they spend their time to bring the deployment-guide [3]
> from RHEL to Fedora, the way they did with install-guide now in this
> release. So the maintenance work must be splited and the teams should
> help.

I agree, the more hands sharing the work, the easier it gets.

> But I humbly think we can't stop saying thanks to the people who
> helped us. A mention in a web page would get lost, the same way the
> translations and some suggestions given in the old moin-moin web page
> were lost. In the doc itself it would last forever, because
> remains after every change, and you may read
> any doc from older releases whenever you want to.

I agree completely.  This project is all about community teamwork, and
we can never forget to acknowledge and thank people who contribute
their time and effort.  To me, it doesn't matter how long such a
document is, I just want to see it in a form where everyone can help
maintain it, rather than putting all that work on a small number of
people (or even one person).

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