Self-Introduction: Mads Bille Lundby

Mads Lundby lundbymads at
Mon Feb 9 17:36:00 UTC 2009

Full legal name: Mads Bille Lundby 
      * City, Country: Copenhagen, Denmark 
      * FAS username: lundbymads 
      * Language to translate: Danish 
      * Student, sociology 
      * Copenhagen University 
      * I'm primarily a Ubuntu user but since there's an overlap of
        applications, I find it very useful to have a Dane registered as
        a Fedora contributor. Hope you see the common interest we
        share :-) 
      * Comments, Suggestions about the L10N project: I think the
        fragmentation of the translator community is a bit problematic.
        In Denmark the translators are organized in a unified Danish
        Translator Group, regardless of flavor of distribution. I think
        it's quite a hurdle to get started as a Fedora translator, so
        pleeease let me in :-D. The Danish Translator Group needs a
        representative in the Fedora Translation Project. 
      * I've done a number of Danish Gnome translations (tracker,
        brasero, nautilus-sendto, nautilus-share,
        network-manager-applet, system-config-printer (Fedora)). 
      * What level and type of computer skills do you have? I'm a
        relatively skilled Gnome User (User - not programmer!) 
      * mads at mads-laptop:~$ gpg --fingerprint 0FB4BB32 pub
        1024D/0FB4BB32 2009-02-09 Key fingerprint = 74C9 14AF 1AAF 7565
        71DC  49CE 35C4 BFDB 0FB4 BB32 uid Mads Bille Lundby
        <lundbymads at> sub   2048g/9D8DDE67 2009-02-09
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