Piotr Drąg piotrdrag at
Sat Feb 14 16:09:00 UTC 2009

Francesco Tombolini pisze:
> I hope that the upgrade will be more than a hope.
> Yes, "all" the L10n project locked by a single web app.
> Varie risorse Fedora       0% (0/0/5164)     
> Fedora 11 (Leonidas)     14% (595/31/3622)    
> Fedora 10 (Cambridge)     0% (0/0/3600)    
> Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5     0% (0/0/2411)
> hundreds of fedora contributors continuosly afflicted by po or pot files
> not updated or false stats, with no way of contribute in other manner.
> Do we need an alternative?
> Or do we wait that DL become stable?

This is most likely caused by recent outage [1], or someone manually 
deleted DL cache, and statistics are being rebuild now. It should be 
done months ago. Hopefully statistics will be correct after rebuild.


Piotr Drąg

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