Xavier Conde Rueda xavi.conde at
Sun Feb 15 13:45:45 UTC 2009

> You are very kind to answer that a recent DNS outage, can stop all
> translation work.
> But what it seems, is that this project may need a test environment
> with more deep and long testing period before deploy an upgrade or a new
> app.
> My point of view is that Fedora DL throw away all the benefit coming
> from its association with Transifex, making the project, to be
> continuosly at an apparently start phase.
> Due to the lack of a locking system of the po file (like the old redhat
> method), the crew waste their time translating already translated
> strings, or filling the wiki or the mailing list of strange messages to
> know, "who and when is work on what", constantly with the same doubt:
> "Are the stats updated?", "I'm translating the right latest file or not?"


"We the willing, following the unknowing are
doing the impossible. We have done so much
for so long with so little we are now able to do
anything with nothing."

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