Plan for L10n for Fedora 11

Mike McGrath mmcgrath at
Wed Feb 18 00:35:26 UTC 2009

On Wed, 18 Feb 2009, Dimitris Glezos wrote:

> I'm very happy to announce that we've now landed support for translation
> statistics in Transifex.
> Lately we've been working heavily in re-writing Transifex and getting v0.5 in
> the best shape possible for Fedora 11. Being 3 weeks ahead of the string
> freeze, we have plenty of time to test statistics on Transifex 0.5-devel.
> For Fedora 11, my plan is to switch the old DL for Tx 0.5-devel for
> statistics, and continue to use the proven Tx 0.3 for submissions. I've
> requested [1] a publictest instance from the Infrastructure Group to install
> it and start putting data and testing it.
>   [1]:
> To allow 2 weeks of testing, the instance should be ready by 23/2. When we
> see that everything works out as it should, we can discontinue the old DL.
> Our goal with Transifex 0.5 is to include support for both submissions and
> statistics, and this way we can put aside our old version of Damned Lies which
> is presenting outdated translations. Since only the commits are missing from
> Tx 0.5-final, it'll be out in 3-4 weeks, and at that point we go on and test
> submissions too, while having Tx 0.3 as a backup solution.
> Some of the advantages of this approach is that using the statistics from Tx
> 0.5-devel does not even require hook-up with FAS (only submissions require
> authentication), we have a smoother upgrade path for Django/v0.5 and we have a
> codebase we know inside-out to build/invest on.
> On our roadmap post v0.5:
> - 0.5: Submissions to email,VCSs, probably bugzilla
> - Comments everywhere
> - Full API
> - Integration with Bugzilla eg. for auto-closing of bugs
> - Workflow functionality (lock a file, resolve bugs, request translation
>   review and others, comments)
> - Fine-grained permissions on a per collection, release, projects, component,
>   language and file basis
> - Support for people Teams and user groups
> - Support for additional i18n formats (mozilla)
> Comments, suggestions?

SO you want two different transifex's deployed at the same time both at or did you want to have a test instance up
somewhere for 2 weeks?


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