Translation of Common Content files for Publican

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at
Thu Feb 26 03:28:51 UTC 2009

Hi all -

By way of introduction, I'm a content author with Red Hat Engineering 
Content Services, presently working on bringing some of the 
documentation for Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux closer together. 

To make this possible, the Fedora Documentation Project is using (or 
will be using) new software to create some of its documents. This 
software (called Publican - ) uses a 
common set of XML files to create documentation in HTML, PDF, and other 

As part of the uniform "look and feel" that Publican gives to documents, 
it includes a couple of standard sections. At present, these are:
* "Conventions" - a section that explains the typographic conventions 
used in a document - available in a .pot file here:
* "Feedback" - a common "boilerplate" section asking readers to supply 
feedback on the documentation - available in a .pot file here:

These sections have already been translated into many languages by Red 
Hat Localization Services, but as you all probably know, Fedora is 
translated into many languages that Red Hat doesn't support. So, to 
support Publican in Fedora, we need volunteers to translate these two 
sections into community languages. The great news is that once these 
files have been translated into a language, they can be used by a large 
number of documents without needing to be translated again and again.

One key document has already been converted into Publican format, namely 
the Installation Guide. This guide has already been translated (at least 
partly) into a number of languages for which no translations for these 
two sections yet exist. Therefore, there's a real need to get these 
sections translated as soon as possible into the following languages:
* Danish
* Dutch
* Greek
* Hungarian
* Indonesian
* Latvian
* Malay
* Norwegian (Bokmål)
* Polish
* Portuguese (Portugal)
* Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin alphabets)
* Swedish

Of course, translations into languages not on this list are very welcome 
too, in anticipation of future documents being prepared in Publican, but 
these twelve are a priority right now.

Languages that do NOT need translating (because Red Hat has already done 
* Assamese
* Bengali
* Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
* French
* German
* Guarani
* Hindi
* Italian
* Japanese
* Kannada
* Korean
* Malayalam
* Marathi
* Oriya
* Portuguese (Brazilian)
* Punjabi
* Russian
* Sinhalese
* Slovenian
* Spanish
* Tamil
* Telugu

Is there a place in a repository somewhere that these Common Content 
files and their translations can be checked into?

In the meantime, I'm happy to receive translations via email.

Many thanks,


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