Translation of Common Content files for Publican

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at
Thu Feb 26 05:59:34 UTC 2009

Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
> Can Fedora language Teams of those languages proofread and modify (if 
> any) the files?
If you install Publican, you'll find a folder called "Common Content" 
(by default, /usr/share/publican/Common_Content ). This contains some 
material that's generic to all "brands" within Publican (material that 
looks the same for Red Hat documents, Fedora documents, GIMP documents 
etc), and other material that's specific to one of these brands only.

The "Conventions" file is located in the "common" brand (so, by default, 
/usr/share/publican/Common_Content/common/LANGUAGE/Conventions.xml )

The Fedora "Feedback" file is located in the "fedora" brand (so, by 
default, /usr/share/publican/Common_Content/fedora/LANGUAGE/Feedback.xml )

(alternatively, if anyone wants to see how these files look in any 
particular language, or want me to create a .po file for you to take a 
look at, please just let me know.)

If you see any mistakes or problems, the solution would be to file a bug 
in Publican. These two files are different from the other .po files that 
the Fedora language teams usually work with, since they're actually 
built into the document production software itself.


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