Sadid Sahami

sadid sahami sadidsahami at
Tue Mar 10 16:10:34 UTC 2009

FAS username= sadid
Iran,Kermanshah (GMT+3:30)
I'm willing to contribute in persian localization project and if
possible other projects also.
I'm studying electrical engineer at Razi University,Kermanshah,Iran
and intersted not only in electrical matters,physics,Mathematics,...
but also Linux and programming is one of my top faviorates.
I'm contributing in localization projects of fedora but I like to have
some contribution in other projects in the future like (Docs,
scientific fedora,...)
I've been familar with Linux and I've done some project in VHDL
programming and MATLAB programming, I'm familar with most of open
source EDA tools related to the EE maters.
I'm also familar with Network pricipals and some expirences with
router design. Working on the design of a FPGA base MPLS router with
reconfigurablity and trendency to SoC design paradigms was one my last
I like to help Open Source society as a little response in all
possible sides.

Keyid 0x1F178665	
Key fingerprint = E1F1 8E93 6352 9E43 9867  7BB9 DA74 040B 1F17 8665

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