Help with strange error in smolt.master-smoon.messages.po

Runa Bhattacharjee runab at
Mon Sep 7 15:45:58 UTC 2009

Göran Uddeborg wrote:
>> Seems to be a bug in the source code.
> That was what I thougt too, and I filed a report about it some time
> ago:

However, its kind of strange that quite a few languages show 100% translation 
completion and evidently the .po files have made through the msgfmt error 
checks. I got the same error with the bn_IN file (currently with 3 untranslated 
entries). When I downloaded the completed pt_BR.po and ran the msgfmt check.. it 
passed. What am I missing here? Gettext version in use for this particular test 
was 0.16.1.


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