New tasks to add to schedule?

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Wed Sep 9 01:22:35 UTC 2009

John Poelstra さんは書きました:
> Based on the results of this ticket 
To all translators, we will be able to have test build packages for 
review and correction (QA) from Fedora 12.

> What additional tasks should I add to the translation schedule... same 
> questions as always .... :)
John, thank you for catching this up :-)
Actually tasks are there, but those should be renamed to explain tasks 
better, I think.

> 1) Name of task(s)
> 2) When does it start
> 3) Does it depend on another task ending and if so which one is it?
> 4) Number of days the task takes
* Ongoing Test Package Builds for Translation Review
=> Build F 12 collection packages for all language translators' review 
and correction
(both in trans-tasks & devel-tasks)
2009-09-10 to 2009-09-14 (4days)
This job is done by F12 collection packagers (devel team). Could you 
please confirm with devel team if those dates are good for them. This is 
totally **new to packagers.

* Review Software Translations
=> Review and correct software translation in built UI
2009-09-15 to 2009-09-22 (7days)
This job is done by translators. It should be good number of days.

* Software: Translation Deadline (PO Files complete)
All languages translation submitted by this date should be included in 
F12 release.

* Software: Start Rebuild all translated packages
* Software: Rebuild all translated packages
=> Software: Rebuild all translated packages
(trans-tasks & devel-tasks)
2009-09-22 to 2009-09-29 (7days)
One line can describe the task instead of two lines.

* Final (Beta) Freeze: Development Code Complete (trans-tasks and 

Thanks a lot

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